Jetty - Ocean Beach
Bay Reflections
Sunset Tidepool
MoonRIse 9/13/19
Robert Moses Bridge
Wave and Water
FI Ferry Swallows Sun
Bay Walk
Beach Nostalgia
under water artwork
Foggy day
Sunset over Bay
Fire Island Ferry
Ocean Beach Dock
jetty pictures
House Boat
Fishing Boat
modern art prints
Nosara - Horsebackrider
Fire Island Jetty
pictures of jettys
Moon Rise
Ocean 1
Flight of the Seagull
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palm tree reflection
FI Lighthouse
lake photos
Sunset with Bridge

Fire Island Plus

Fire Island has been my home for many years. I appreciate the images this Island has given me and continue to photograph here every summer. This year the Harvest Moon was visible over the Ocean in September, Friday the 13th 2019. The next one won't be visible for another 20 years - Aug 13, 2049! I was able to capture it and it is here for you to enjoy.

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