Giraffe landscape
Mom and baby elelphants
Solo elephant at sunset
Giraffes in silhouette
Elephants and zebra at sunset
Elephants walking
Lion Portrait
wildebeest and bird
Majestic Lion
Lion Couple
Leaping Wildebeests
Wrestling Elephants
Zebra amongst the Wildebeest
Mom and Baby Hippo
Hippo Wrestling Match
Cheetah hello!
Wildebeest Herd
Three Lions
 Lion Love
Mama and baby
Sunrise in the Mara
Mother and baby giraffe
Masaai woman
Masai man with painted legs
Masai beauty
Masai Chief
Masai man
Three Masai Women
Masai girl with hen

Masai Mara

I spent ten days on safari traveling through the Mara triangle. It was very exciting and revelatory. We were there to see the migration at the time of year- just before Labor Day, that this is supposed to happen. But the best laid plans tend not to always work out. Because we had so much rain, the wildebeests and the zebras stayed put and didn't migrate! We saw snippets of migration but not the fierce herds pounding to cross the rivers before being attacked by crocodiles! However, we did see the big 5 - Lions, Elephants, Rino, Wildebeest, and Cheetahs. And of course the majestic Giraffe. The Masai people are not hunters and the wandering wildebeest and zebras are able to pass thru Masai lands without being molested. I have included a few of the Masai tribes men and women from the wonderful village we were privileged to visit.