India woman
Girl at Madurai temple
Eggplant photo
Sari girl.jpg
elephants in India
herding cattle
In her hut
pictures of Delhi
Hindu clothing
Child with Grandma
hindu praying
Hindu women
Turban picture
picture of Indian children
Children of India
Indian people photos
Farming in India
flowers in India
Henna foot tattoo
homes in India
swimming pictures
Indian baby
Indian girl
Bathing in the river
Slum girl photo
Indian portraits
pictures of people at the river


I visited Southern India and there is nothing quite like it. The women are always dressed for a pageant no matter how poor or rural their homes. It was amazing to see this country and their temples that are the center of their lives. The scenery in the south is spectacular. I particularly enjoyed Alley with it’s canals and waterways.

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