Datoga Dance
Datoga Girl
Love Goats
Young Magic
See Me
Don't Mess with Me
Heart Throb
Hadzadie Thoughts
Memories Together
Mama and Baby
Young Datoga
Hadzabe Security Blanket
Elder Sukuma
Moonlight Walk
Sukuma Life
Sukuma Family
Hungry Baby
Sukuma Seduction
Datoga Men Dance
The Hunter
Tools of the Trade
Washing up
Women Bonding

Tribal Tanzania

I visited 3 tribes on my trip to Tanzania, the Datoga, Sukuma and Hadzabe. The Datoga consider themselves the oldest tribe in Tanzania and I loved doing their portraits.. The Sukuma entertained us with their spectacular dancing. The Hadzabe took us hunting and made wonderful beaded jewelry. What an honor and a privilege to be able to visit with another culture across the globe and get a feel for how people live day to day.